WLPGA Appoints Captain Bernardo!

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World LP Gas Association Appoints Captain Bernardo Herzer as Chairman of GLOTEC’s LPG Marine Applications Group

LOS ANGELES, California — November 6 2014 — LEHR® have announced that CEO and founder, Captain Bernardo Herzer has been appointed chairman of GLOTEC’s new LPG Marine Applications group. GLOTEC is the WLPGA’s Global Technology Network that encourages WLPGA members’ to exchange on technology and innovation related to LP Gas.

Captain Herzer will preside over the groups council meetings focusing on the key objectives defined in the groups Terms of Reference which state:
– Create awareness in a coordinated manner on the use of LPG for marine purposes
– Bring the LPG industry and related manufacturers together with aligned activities to grow the marine segment of LPG use as a fuel
– Influence/adapt local & regional legislation to accommodate and promote LPG for marine applications
 Serve as an expert focus group on the subject

“We are focusing on working with legislation and related manufacturers while strengthen awareness. This is the great opportunity for propane, a hero fuel for the marine environment and I congratulate WLPGA for empowering this initiative.” says Captain Herzer.

NOTE TO EDITORS: The WLPGA promotes the use of LP Gas worldwide to foster a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous world and aims to add value to the industry sector through driving premium demand for LP Gas, while also promoting compliance with good business and safety practices. The Association was established in 1987 and granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1989.

GLOTEC is a network of World LP Gas Association members, driven by a dedicated WLPGA Technology Council. The Network encourages the WLPGA to exchange information on innovation and technology within the LP Gas industry. GLOTEC is for World LP Gas Association members only.

About World LP Gas Association (WLPGA)
The WLPGA is the authoritative voice of the global LP Gas industry representing the full LP Gas value chain. The primary goal of the Association is to add value to the sector by driving premium demand for LP Gas, while also promoting compliance to good business and safety practices.

Founded by Captain Bernardo Herzer in 2004, LEHR is a company dedicated to a cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology. LEHR products are clean-burning, propane-fueled and designed to be a reliable replacement for their gasoline burning counterparts while stemming the overflow of harmful pollutants that they produce. LEHR manufactures propane lawn and garden products as well as the World’s first line of propane-powered outboard motors. LEHR’s line of propane-powered marine motors are; 2.5 HP, 5.0 HP, 9.9 HP, and the 15 HP. The 9.9 HP and 15 HP models feature the world’s first internal electric start battery weighing less than two lbs., eliminating extra weight or clutter of a typical lead acid battery in the boat.

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