Propane Solves Fuel Related Issues

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“It’s priced like gas and has zero evaporated emissions,” says Captain Bernardo Herzer, CEO and Founder of Lehr, a company that makes reliable and less ecologically-damaging 5 horsepower to 15 horsepower propane outdoor motors. Propane is an approved alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and National Energy Policy Act of 1992. He’s quick to point out that unlike gasoline, propane never goes bad and the propane engines are up to fifty times cleaner than gas. The propane engines also sidestep one of the biggest problems with the boating industry: fuel issues related to the engine. A boon for wildlife, propane eliminates the possibility of the highly toxic gas being spilled in the water. The company expanded into the boating industry after their successful start in propane-powered lawn and garden products.

By John Ivanko
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