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EPA certified carbon monoxide emissions best by 53%!

JANUARY 18, 2017 — Clean-Power Innovator LEHR Holdings, LLC today announced the EPA certification of its propane powered 15hp 603cc Kawasaki engine, achieving 53% cleaner carbon monoxide emissions than all engines in its class.

LEHR’s patented 3-Stage Pressure Regulator and Needle Jet Fuel Delivery Technology deliver precise fuel metering, producing the cleanest and safest emission levels at all engine speeds and loads, while also increasing power and reliability. In addition, LEHR Heat Vaporization Technology improves fuel economy while eliminating regulator failures caused from overfilled propane cylinders.

“Our LEHR 603cc propane engine exceeds all OSHA requirements and is the safest, cleanest, and most dependable solution available,” said Jeremy Hahne, VP of Business Development at LEHR. “LEHR’s patented fuel system allows us to achieve ultra-low emission levels and increased horsepower in a solution that eliminates regulator freezing and requires no field adjustments.”

With awards and accolades from the U.S. EPA, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, and Popular Science and Propane Mechanics magazines, LEHR is the leading force in low emission propane-powered engine technology and products.

About LEHR Holdings, LLC

LEHR is the leading provider of award winning, environmentally friendly, propane-powered engines and products. Dedicated to a cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology, the LEHR family of products utilizes a patented technology, which ensures that they are the cleanest, safest, and most reliable products on the market today. For additional information see www.golehr.com. Media Contacts:

Jeremy Hahne / VP Business Development
(866) 941-5347
jeremy@golehr.com Headquarters:

LEHR Holdings, LLC
7781 South Little Egypt Road
Stanley, NC 28164
(704) 827-9368

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