Why Propane

Lower Fuel Costs & Simplifies Refueling

Propane, on average, is 30% less expensive than gasoline. Propane is domestically produced and historically there has been a surplus of supply resulting in the low prices. The United States has an abundant supply of Propane and Natural Gas, therefore prices of Propane should continue to be much lower than gasoline for the foreseeable future. Propane marketers make refueling easy, offering tank exchange programs or bulk filling cylinder at the operator’s location.

Simplified Maintenance

Propane is an extremely clean burning fuel that utilizes a closed fuel system. As a result, engine components run cleaner and require less maintenance. Propane also contains no ethanol which eliminates gummed up carburetor components.

American Made

The United States is a net exporter of propane. Most propane is made in Texas as part of the oil and natural gas refining process. Propane is a designated Clean Fuel by the Environmental Protection Agency and its use qualifies for state and federal rebates. Propane is also the most widely available alternative fuel.

Reduced Harmful Emissions

Propane contains only 3 carbon molecules vs. gasoline which contains 8 carbon molecules. As a result, propane produces very low carbon emissions. LEHR propane engines typically reduce carbon emissions 65-70%.

State and Federal Grants

The Propane Education & Research Council as well as other federal and state agencies offer incentives to convert engines to operate on propane.

Mow on Ozone Action Days

Many states and municipalities have enacted Ozone Action Days where use of smog forming gasoline lawn mowers are prohibited. Mowers that operate on propane are exempt from Ozone action days.

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