EnviroGard Technology

How It Works

How It Works:

1. Application Specific Brackets
EnviroGard application specific brackets are designed to maintain the correct weight and balance of the equipment being converted as well as provide for easy installation.

2. Vapor Propane Cylinder
Specifically designed for engine applications, these DOT approved propane cylinders feature numerous safety features. Cylinder mounting brackets make mounting cylinders easy.

3. High Pressure Fuel Hose

4. Safety Fuel Lock-Off
EnviroGard’s Safety Fuel Lock-Off is a safety device designed to shut off the fuel flow from the propane cylinder to the regulator in the event of engine failure or loss in oil pressure.

5. EnviroGard Regulator and Mounting Bracket
EnviroGard regulators are designed to provide the optimal amount of fuel to the EnviroGard carburetor. Mounting brackets are specifically designed for each engine and make ensure the regulator is securely mounted in the correct position.

6. Low Pressure Fuel Line

7. EnviroGard Carburetor
EnviroGard carburetors are calibrated to provide a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio which results in optimal power, performance, and fuel economy while producing ultra-low emissions.

8. EPA Certified Engine
EnviroGard only offers propane conversions that when installed maintain the EPA engine certification and engine warranty.

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