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  • What is Propane?

    Propane is primarily a byproduct of domestic natural gas processing, though some propane is produced from crude oil refinement. U.S. propane supplies are becoming increasingly abundant due in large part to increased supplies of natural gas.

    Propane is Eco Friendly!
    – More Economical
    – Lower fuel cost
    – Lower maintenance cost
    – Easier to use/ safer to purchase and store
    – No messy mixing of gas and oil
    – No unwanted trips to the gas station
    – No gas cans to transport or store
    – Canisters are readily available
    – Zero evaporative emissions
    – Zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons
    – Non toxic to ground water and soil
    – 97% fewer particulates
    – 96% fewer carcinogens
    – Over 85% of propane used in this country is produced domestically
    – Exceeds 2011 EPA emission standards

    Because of the drastic increase in U.S. sources of propane, the U.S. produces more than enough propane to meet current demand and became a net exporter of propane in 2011.

  • Why Propane?

    Though historically associated with other crude oil products, such as a gasoline or diesel fuel, propane differs from these fuels in several critical ways:

    • Affordable. Propane prices have fallen relative to gasoline, diesel fuel, and home heating oil due to the growing supply.
    • Cleaner. Propane is a cleaner-burning, lower-carbon fuel than other petroleum-based products such as gasoline or diesel because it burns hotter and more efficiently.
    • Abundant and Domestic. In 2011, domestic propane production from natural gas plant liquids exceeded consumer demand for the first time. Propane is an abundant bridge fuel, making it a clean-burning alternative to gasoline and diesel that can address energy challenges while long-term renewable technologies are developed.
  • How is Propane Distributed?

    With up to 56,000 miles of pipeline and nearly 6,000 retail dealer locations nationwide, propane is widely available and easily portable.

    For on-road use, there are more fueling stations in the U.S. for propane autogas vehicles than there are for vehicles of any other alternative fuel except electricity. Propane is the only alternative fuel with fueling stations in every state.

Marine Product Questions

  • Getting Started

    Is there a certain way my Safety Stop Lanyard has to be plugged in?
     Black touching black and not wedged under the rubber red cap.

    What is the starting position on the throttle?
    The engine should be cold started at 1/3 throttle. Once the engine    is   warm it should start at closed throttle, if not try 1/3 throttle.

    Can I start the motor in-gear?
     No, the motor must be in Neutral to start. Do not attempt starting  in-gear.

    What do I do if I can’t get my motor started?
     Please call 1-866-941-LEHR.

    May I start the engine out of water?
     No. The motor is water cooled and starting it out of the water can    cause major damage and void the warranty.

  • Run Times

    Run time chart for all outboards is available for download here:

  • What is Twist 'n Go Fueling?
    • No choke / no priming
    • No messy mixing of gas and oilJust twist in a propane canister, press the start button and you are ready for use
  • How do I know if the propane canister is clamped correctly?

    After inserting the propane tank into the plastic “cage” and attaching the hose connector, push the tank back so the hose connector is no longer protruding beyond the surface of the plastic cage. Then latch the clamp closed. This is to protect the connector and the tank from damage should it be dropped. If the tank is not in this position, the clamp will be around the lower half of the tank (which is slightly larger) and will be too tight to latch properly. Note: The very first time a tank is installed, it may be tight but soon will take a set and latch easier.

  • Where can I buy the canisters?

    Standard 16.4 ounce propane canisters are available at most hardware stores, sporting goods stores, drug stores, and other location where lawn and garden tools are sold.

    They are available at many of the same outlets as the Eco Trimmer and Eco Blower including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value, Do it Best, Meijer, and Sears.

  • Are the canisters recyclable?

    Absolutely! Propane canisters are made of steel and are 100% recyclable when empty.

  • Do I still need oil?

    Yes, oil is needed in the crankcase and it will need to be checked and refilled at periodic intervals per the owner’s manual.

  • How much oil does it need?

    Check the oil level with the dipstick after filling. Always check the oil level with the dipstick according to the manual. Oil provided with the unit may be more than necessary. Overfilling will result in oil leaking from the air filter housing.

  • Maintenance

    Is there a specific oil requirement to maintain my four-stroke outboard?
     Standard 10W30 will work just fine.

    How often should I change my oil in my outboard?
    After the first 10 hours and then about every 100 hours after that. Please see the maintenance chart in you manual. We also recommend changing the oil before any long term storage.

    How do I flush my motor?
    Please refer to your manual on specific flushing procedures for each outboard.

    What type of battery do I need for my electric start LEHR outboard?
    The LEHR internal battery models use a special lithium battery that requires no maintenance, and is available from LEHR. The external battery models can use any standard battery as long as its meets the minimum CCA (cold crank amperage) for your engine size. See your owner’s manual.

    Where can I find Dimensions for my motor?
    You can find dimensions for your motor in our Diagrams and Downloads section of our knowledge base.

    Does my Propane motor need oil?
    Yes, Standard 10W30 will work just fine.

    Does my motor have an alternator to charge my battery or run accessories?
    The LP2.5 and LP5.0 do not have this feature; the LP9.9ES & LP15ES can both charge a battery or run accessories. See owner’s manual for details.

    Do I have to winterize my LEHR?
    Full winterizing is not necessary but we do recommend fogging of the engine and flushing it with fresh water before storage as well as an oil change. Also make sure to NOT have your tank attached and if stored laying down that it is tiller side down. In addition to that open up the lower oil fill plug just enough to see the oil seep out; if the oil is in good condition proceed with the winterizing. If the oil is a milky color or water comes out this may indicate problems with your gear case seal and you should take your motor in for servicing immediately. Please see manual for full details as any damage from improper storage is NOT covered under your warranty.

     How do I replace broken or lost parts?
    Go to www.golehr.com/store/ to identify the part needed then purchase it at our online store or by calling 1-866-941-LEHR.

    How should I transport my LEHR outboard?
    We recommend that you transport your engine tiller side down or vertically with the engine up and the prop down with the tank disconnected.

    Can my LEHR outboard be retrofitted to use a remote control?
    Our 9.9 and 15Hp can be ordered as a remote control version. Retrofitting a manual start engine into an electric start remote control would be difficult and costly.

    Does my warranty cover corrosion?
    No corrosion is not covered under warranty.

    What happens if I lay my motor tiller side up?
    As with ALL 4 stroke motors, the fuel system will fill with motor oil and the unit will not start properly if at all. This is considered user error and any repairs needed are NOT covered under your warranty.

    Does my LEHR outboard come with gear oil?
    Yes, all LEHR outboards come with gear oil, but not engine oil.

    What kind of gear oil do I use?
    Hypoid gear oil SAE#90

    Can I leave the tank attached when I am not using my Lehr Product?
    If you are using the 16.4 ounce Coleman can we highly recommend removing the tank if not used for thirty minutes or more. If you are using the AUX tank leaving the hose attached isn’t problem as long as the valve on the tank is turned off. We still do recommend removing the tank if not using your Lehr product for an extended period of time.

    Can I use my own propane tank or do I have to buy yours?
    You do not have to purchase our tank although ours are optimized for Marine use any standard propane tank will do. Our 9.9HP and 15Hp models need liquid draw tanks.

    What are the run times?
    Please visit the Downloads and Diagrams section of our knowledge base for a chart on our run times

  • Where can I register my LEHR product?

    Please visit our Warranty Registration page.

  • How do I find a LEHR dealer?

    Go to www.golehr.com/dealer-locator/ or Call us at 1-866-941-LEHR.

  • How do I find a LEHR Service Center?

    Call 1-866-941-LEHR

Lawn & Garden Product Questions

  • Having Trouble with your Trimmer?

    My trimmer won’t start, what do I do?

    Below are a few steps I would like you to try on your trimmer, you will be needing a Philips head screw driver, a ruler and a paper clips for a few of these steps.

    1. Check the oil level and make sure it is at the appropriate level. There should be no more than 1.7oz of standard 10W30 inside your unit at anytime. Looking at the dipstick, the oil level should be right at the top of the circle which can be found around the middle of the dipstick.

    2. Take off the air filter cover with the Philips screwdriver. Once it is off, make sure the air filter is not wet, if wet try to get it as dry as possible (wring with paper towel) before putting it back on. Also check for any damage on the air filter plate which is the black piece the air filter is attached to.

    3. Next wiggle the carburetor to make sure it is secure to the manifold. If it is loose then your manifold is likely cracked and it will need to be replaced. If secure please proceed to the next step.

    4. Take a look at “How to prime the carburetor” in our Diagrams and Downloads section and follow the instructions. This is where the paper clip will come in handy; also keep in mind that you may need to repeat this step two or three times for it to work properly. If still having trouble refer to the next step.

    5. Open “Trimmer Needle Adjustment” also found in our Diagrams and Downloads sections and follow the steps accordingly, this is where the ruler will come in handy.

    If you are still having trouble please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.

     Why is my shaft vibrating?

    The best way to find out if you are in need of a replacement part is to detach the lower half of your trimmer and run it to see if the vibration persist. If it does you will need additional troubleshooting in which case you can call LEHR Customer Service or open up a ticket online.

    What attachments will fit this trimmer?

    We offer a brush cutter blade attachment, which will only fit on the Straight Shaft Eco Trimmer. In addition to that, we are compatible with Ryobi, Troy built and Craftsman attachments which work on all of our Detachable Eco Trimmers (ST025DS & DC).

    How do I get this trimmer head off?
    ST025DC- Simply turn the bottom bump feed to the left to unscrew it.
    ST025DS-Line up the hole in the drive disk and gear head,  stick an Allen Wrench (Included in Accessory bag) or screwdriver in to stop the head from spinning and twist the trimmer head to the left.
    If you are having trouble with this or the head is not turning, please contact LEHR Support.

  • What is Twist 'n Go Fueling?
    • No choke / no priming
    • No messy mixing of gas and oilJust twist in a propane canister, press the start button and you are ready for use
  • Can I leave the propane canister connected?

    We strongly recommend disconnecting the bottle when not in use as it will continue to flow a bit into the carburetor. You do not need to remove the bottle, simply unscrew it until it pops

  • Maintenance

    How much oil do I put in the unit?
    All of our lawn and garden equipment can use standard 10W30 oil and the correct amounts are as follows:
    1.7 ounces for the Trimmer and Blower
    16.9 ounces for the Mower

    How do I store my trimmer?
    We recommend laying it down on the bottle cage, if possible or straight up and down if storing vertically (motor side up). Make sure to NOT have your propane attached as this may cause damage and is not covered under your warranty.

    Where do I purchase replacement parts?
    A wide variety of parts can be purchased here in our store

  • Where can I purchase one?

    LEHR no longer manufacturers the Eco line of lawn and garden products.

General LEHR Questions

  • How to subscribe or unsubscribe to our Newsletter?

    How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the LEHR General email list?
    You can subscribe by clicking on the letter icon at the top right corner of our site or you can roll over the three vertical dots on the far right side of the menu and selecting Newsletter Signup.

    You can unsubscribe here.

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