A good cause @ the 27th WLPGA Forum 2014

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World LP Gas Forum 2014
Each year, at the occasion of this annual event, a charity is nominated and for this 2014 edition WLPGA and AIGLP supported  “Save the Children.” In recognition of Captain Bernardo’s involvement and efforts of LEHR, WLPGA and AIGLP will make a total global donation of $1,550 on behalf of the speakers to this important programme.

Save the Children gives children around the world what every child deserves: a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When disaster strikes, Save the Children puts children’s needs first.

Save the Children has learned that one of the best ways to save lives in an emergency is to be prepared. The agency works at the country and regional level to build local capacity to collect and analyse information, identify opportunities to reduce vulnerability to disasters, and plan effectively before disaster strikes. At the time of a disaster, sufficient supplies available in advance, combined with robust and well-trained staff, enable responders to reach a greater number of affected people with timely and appropriate relief. As history has demonstrated, this critical planning and risk mitigation can dramatically reduce the negative impact of disasters.
Website: www.savethechildren.org

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