LEHR wins as a Top Product of 2014

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Products were chosen based on many factors, including innovation, impact on the industry and how they advanced their category – or created a new category.
Lehr Propane Outboard


Lehr has produced the first commercially available marine outboard engine fueled by propane, offering several benefits to boaters: no gasoline polluting the water, virtually eliminated particulate emissions that turn into methyl mercury in the water, the available power of internal combustion engines without the environmental detriment of gasoline, extended engine life and reduced cost of operation.


“We were especially impressed by the innovative, eco-friendly characteristics of the Lehr engine. The company brought new technology to the marine industry and clearly advanced the outboard engine category.”

– Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief for Boating Industry

“Boating industry Top Products, is one of the industry’s highest honors, and is given to innovative entries that create a lasting impact and represent the best in their field.

We at Lehr are honored LEHR products are designed to replace their gasoline burning counterparts and to stem the overflow of harmful pollutants that they produce. We are an environmentally friendly technology company, and propane is the absolute best alternative fuel solution we’ve found.”


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