LEHR is the winner of BEST OUTBOARD 2014

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The Teak Rail a collection of our favorite marine equipment. Each item featured on this site is a result of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of hours of abuse aboard vessels sailing the high seas.

The Lehr Propane Outboard earns our pick as the all-around best outboard dinghy motor. By using propane, common gasoline problems such as mixing and filtering fuel, sparkplug fouling and engine flooding, and harmful emissions are a thing of the past.

“If you are looking to ease the stress of wrestling with a gunky and dirty gasoline outboard, look no further than the Lehr Propane Outboard motor, the motor that we tested that outperformed the rest”

Captain John Konrad, Founder

theteakrail.com & and founded gCaptain (http://gcaptain.com),

”We at Lehr are honored to have won  this award given to us by the highly regarded maritime author and journalist Captain Konrad and his  crew of marine experts.

LEHR is environmentally friendly technology company, and propane is the best alternative fuel solution available today.

LEHR products are designed to be the most reliable, replacing their gasoline burning counterparts while stemming the overflow of harmful pollutants that they produce.

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