LEHR Says Yes We Can! To Clean Air

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Los Angeles (April 21, 2009) – LEHR Incorporated, an environmentally- friendly technology company, salutes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their continued commitment to clean air.

Beginning with the EPA’s adoption of stricter emission standards in the small engine category last year and continuing with last week’s official declaration that green house gases contribute to air pollution, the EPA is stepping up their efforts and fighting for cleaner air.

Making the definitive connection between greenhouse gases and the negative effect on air quality is the first step towards positive change.   LEHR is proud to develop products and provide solutions currently available to consumers that lead the way towards a long term, clean air mandate through technological advancement.

Captain Bernardo J. Herzer, the founder and CEO of LEHR, has patented the technology to use a small propane canister to run small engines like the ones used on hand-held lawn and garden tools.   The EPA estimates that nearly 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled every season filling lawn and garden tools.  Using propane and its sealed fueling system eliminates spills and virtually eliminates evaporative emissions, a category that is of growing concern in the quest for cleaner air.

“Typically, the smaller an engine, the dirtier it runs.  That’s why we started in this area,” notes Captain Herzer. “It’s good to see the EPA validate what we suspected about green house gases and for the agency to enforce stricter regulations that will reduce their negative effect.”

The first product from LEHR is the Eco Trimmer, the world’s first hand-held garden tool that uses a standard 16.4 ounce propane canister as its fuel source.  It is more efficient, more reliable, and better for the environment that its gasoline-powered counterparts.  The multi-award winning product is available nationwide at select  Ace Hardware, True Value, Do-It Best, Meijer’s, Tractor Supply, a major box store outlet, and Sears under the Craftsman label.  For more information please visit www.golehr.com.

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