LEHR Launches Free Clean Fuel Program

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Clean-power innovator LEHR, LLC has launched a first-of-its-kind program that will give purchasers of its award-winning propane powered outboard motors a free year’s supply of environmentally friendly propane fuel during the first year of ownership.

The LEHR Free Clean Fuel Program was kicked off at today’s 2015 Miami International Boat Show, gaining notoriety from the boating public as well as hundreds of boating journalists in attendance from around the world. Starting on February 12, boaters across North America who purchase any of LEHR’s five outboard models — 2.5 hp, 5 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp or the new-for-2015 25 hp — will qualify for a year’s supply of free propane. For each outboard model, LEHR will use the typical annual consumption of fuel per year and the U.S. average cost of propane per gallon.

The program will run from February 12 to June 30, 2015. Consumers purchasing an outboard during this time can register their model on the program’s website, www.freecleanfuel.com to receive their free fuel rewards card in the mail. Rules and restrictions for this program will also be available through this dedicated website, along with information and content designed to educate the public about the benefits of clean propane fuel.

“As a company fueled by passion for technology and protecting our environment, this unique program is an important investment by LEHR to help spread the word about the advantages of clean propane power,” said LEHR CEO and founder Capt. Bernardo Herzer. “Propane is the marine fuel of the future, and LEHR is committed to delivering the powerful, reliable and affordable engines that will take us there,” added Herzer.

The advantages of propane over traditional gasoline are numerous and well proven. The clean-burning characteristics of propane allow LEHR outboards to produce zero evaporative emissions and no marine pollutants. Additionally, easy connect-and-go fueling eliminates the possibility of gasoline or diesel spilling into the water. Propane is produced in America, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and is safe, affordable and widely available. Propane is also substantially lighter than gasoline, reducing any vessels’ overall loaded weight and further increasing efficiency. Unlike gasoline, propane doesn’t degrade over time or gum up carburetors, filters or fuel systems — virtually eliminating the hassles of off-season winterizing or worries about increasing Ethanol levels in gasoline.

LEHR Propane outboards are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability — making it easier than ever for boaters to “go green.” Whether it’s the pull of a starter cord or push of a button, LEHR outboards fire up easily without choking or priming. The complete and clean burn of 110 Octane propane fuel provides optimum power, instant acceleration and superior fuel efficiency for a wide range of boats — from cartopper canoes and tiller-steered aluminum fishing boats to center console RIBs and pontoon boats.

“We are totally committed to a cleaner America by reducing the pollutants we put into our air and waterways,” said Herzer. “When you stop to think about all the boats out there on lakes, rivers, bays and oceans capable of running our clean propane outboards, you realize the positive impact this movement could have. Providing free fuel for the first year is a compelling incentive for boaters to give propane power a try. And once they do, we’re confident they’ll not only stay, but also share their positive experiences with other boaters.”

The public can also learn more about the many advantages of America’s safe, efficient, clean-burning fuel from the Propane Education and Research Council at www.propanecouncil.org.

You can also view or download this Press Release in PDF format here.

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