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Bigger isn’t always better, that’s the case with the new Bare Bones built by Airborn Inflatable Boats. Touted as the world’s first inflatable flats boat; the Bare Bones packs down to the size of a large suitcase. It can be checked on most airlines and fits into the trunk of your car. If you travel to the islands by large boat or private plane, now you have the option of fishing the flats with your buddy when you get there.

The unique design features a high pressure inflatable floor, much like an inflatable paddle board, and when pumped up to 8-pounds of pressure it’s amazing how rigid it becomes. The hull is backed by a two year warranty and constructed from HD PVC coated 1000 denier polyester fabric. On the bottom of the hull you will find three flexible plastic fins to keep you on track and diminish effects by the wind. Topside interior features include a covered bow for storage and fly line landing, plus an inflatable seat that can be Velcroed in place in two different positions.

Further enhancing the Bare Bones portability is pairing it with the new LEHR outboard marine engine. These lightweight 4-stroke engines are propane powered using a standard 16.4-ounce camping bottle for fuel. No more mess or danger of spilling gasoline in your car, boat or plane. The combined weight of the boat and motor package is less than 100 pounds.

Airborn CEO, Richard Swan, met me in Stuart so I could get a close up look at his new watercraft along with the clean and efficient LEHR outboard.

Original Source: http://www.floridasportsman.com/2013/05/07/airborn-bare-bones/#.UYv4JXlV7Lk.email

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