LEHR Eco Trimmer Chosen Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Product Award Winner

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LOS ANGELES (Oct. 13, 2009) – LEHR Incorporated, a leader in environmentally friendly technology is proud to announce that the LEHR Eco Trimmer is a 2009 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award winner.  Every year Popular Mechanics Magazine chooses the top 10 most brilliant gadgets, tools, and toys from products that are actually on the market because breakthrough innovations make their greatest contributions when they become things people can buy. James B. Meigs, editor in Chief of Popular Mechanics commented that this year’s winners, “…not only capture the imagination, they hold the potential to improve and even save lives.”

Selected from thousands of products, the Breakthrough Award winning LEHR Eco Trimmer uses a standard 16.4 ounce “camping style” propane canister as its fuel source. Captain Bernardo J. Herzer, CEO and founder of LEHR, was in New York to accept the award and said,   “We are very grateful for this honor.  The recognition supports our commitment to creating clean air technology with more products for homes, gardens and our communities.”  In fact, Captain Herzer and LEHR launched a second propane product, the cleaner, quieter LEHR Eco Blower nationwide on October 9, 2009.

The LEHR Eco Blower is the first BlowerVac & Mulcher that runs on the same LEHR propane technology that powers the Eco Trimmer.   The Eco Blower and the LEHR Eco Trimmer with award winning twist ‘n go fueling, are more economical, more eco friendly and much easier to use than their gasoline powered counterparts.  Both deliver better overall performance without the danger, inconvenience and negative environmental impact of gasoline use and storage.  And since 85% of propane is produced domestically, using LEHR products helps reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Captain Herzer and his LEHR team are continuing to develop new applications for their breakthrough technology.  Set to appear on store shelves in the near future are two versions of a propane powered Eco Mower, and a commercial version of the Eco Trimmer. And, after a recent visit to Jay Leno’s Garage, Captain Herzer promised the well know engine enthusiast that a custom designed propane powered generator would be arriving at the garage before long.

About LEHR Incorporated

LEHR Incorporated is a pioneer in the research and development of cleaner energy solutions to help conserve natural resources and preserve the environment.   For more information please visit www.goLEHR.com

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