Federal, State and Local Governments, Agencies and Organizations Recognize LEHR

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The United States Congress and the City of Los Angeles Join Others in Recognizing LEHR Green Propane Technology

The United States Congress,  the City of Los Angeles, the American Lung Association, the Coalition for Clean Air, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Propane Education and Research Council all voice their support for Los Angeles based, environmentally friendly technology company, LEHR, Inc.  Federal, state and local governments, agencies and organizations are recognizing and supporting small companies like LEHR for developing technologies that improve our environment and make an impact on air quality.  LEHR was this year’s winner of the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award for helping to improve the nation’s air quality.

On August 15, representatives from these prestigious organizations were on hand to applaud LEHR at its west coast reception celebrating the EPA Award.  Jane Warner, President of the American Lung Association commented that,   “Celebrating innovation and a commitment to the environment, The American Lung Association welcomes Captain Bernardo J. Herzer and LEHR Incorporated as allies in the fight for clean air.  We congratulate LEHR on their EPA Clean Air Excellence Award and their significant contributions to improving our nation’s air quality.”

LEHR Founder and CEO, Captain Bernardo J. Herzer also received certificates of commendation and congratulatory letters from the offices of Congresswoman Diane Watson, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Los Angeles Council members Herb Wesson and Paul Koretz saluting LEHR on its innovative efforts in achieving cleaner air.

Roy Willis, President of the Propane Education and Research Council, joined LEHR and voiced his ongoing support of LEHR and its application of propane in helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Extending their commitment to clean air technology with zero evaporative emissions, 96% less carcinogens, and 97% less particulates, LEHR Incorporated is proud to announce the arrival of the first hand-held blowerVac and mulcher that runs on propane, the Eco Blower.

About the LEHR Eco Series

The LEHR products are the first-ever commercially available garden tools to use a standard 16.4-ounce propane camping style canister as a fuel source. Featuring Twist ‘n Go! Fueling, the LEHR Eco Trimmer and the LEHR Eco Blower deliver the power and performance of competitively priced gasoline products but without the safety concerns, inconvenience, and detrimental environmental effects of gasoline use and storage. The steel canisters are 100 percent recyclable when empty and the products have an “end of life” recycling program.




About LEHR Incorporated


LEHR Incorporated is a pioneer in the research and development of cleaner energy solutions to help conserve natural resources and preserve the environment. By 2010, LEHR will extend the applications for its patented propane technology once again by marketing an Eco Mower to go along with the Eco Trimmer and the Eco Blower.  For more information about LEHR Incorporated and their commitment to a cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology.  Visit:  www.golehr.com

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