Captain Bernardo Herzer presents at WLPGA Congress in London.

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London is one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities and one if its cultural, historical, political and economic capitals. It is without question one of the finest international business destinations and is a perfect location for the 26th World LP Gas Forum 2013. Join the WLPGA, AEGPL and UKLPG in London for the 26th World LP Gas Forum in 2013.

The 26th World LP Gas Forum London 2013 will, like the highly successful Madrid event in 2010, provide unprecedented value for attendees, exhibitors and visitors as it brings together the best aspects of the World LP Gas Forum and the AEGPL Annual Congress. In essence, it is two annual events into one exceptional LP Gas conference and exhibition.

This year Captain Bernardo Herzer presented the future of propane in the marine industry. We are proud and excited to move forward with propane engines leading the way for a cleaner and more efficient source of fuel.


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