I just got one of the new propane outboards – and no complaints at all! Good for the ozone, good for the ocean and good for my pocket! Smooth sailing!
Linda, North Carolina
It’s about time! It’s great to finally have a product like your propane outboards on the market. It’s brilliant technology – extremely efficient, extremely clean, and they are impressively simple – which is really what advanced technology is supposed to do.
M.B. Doyle, California
I have been boating for a long time. For years, I have been running 2 stroke outboards and not so long ago they introduced 4 strokes which were nice but they’ve always had ethanol related Carb issues but now that these motors run on propane, I don’t have to worry about all those problems or the extra maintenance and I can spend more time fishing with my kids.
Frank Pacelli, New York
“On behalf of the American Lung Association, I want to congratulate Bernardo and the LEHR team on the prestigious honor of an EPA Clean Air Excellence Award. We are all fighting for clean air and it is important for companies like LEHR to create products that will help reduce the amount of damage we are doing in our everyday lives. All of us at the American Lung Association look forward to a long relationship with LEHR.”
 Jane Warner – President of the American Lung Association
“We can cut air pollutant emissions immediately by expanding the use of clean, low-carbon propane at home, at work and on the road. Even a seemingly small choice like a propane fueled grass trimmer can make a significant difference for the environment.”
 Roy Willis – President of the Propane Education and Research Council
I just received your product and I am totally amazed by the simplicity and how well your product works. I heard your company may be working on a walk behind lawn mower. I HOPE that is true. Propane I think is a lot easier and safer then conventional gasoline. Please keep up the Great work Two BIG THUMBS UP.
 D. Neumann, Wisconsin
“Brilliant innovations-most of them, at least-make their greatest contributions once they become products people can buy. LEHR’s four stroke string trimmer produces far less pollution and is more convenient than the two stroke gas and oil machines it can replace. We’re very honored to select you and your team to receive a 2009 Breakthrough Award for the LEHR Eco Trimmer.”
 James B. Meigs – Editor in Chief of Popular Mechanics
I purchased my Lehr ST025DS to replace my five year old 4 stroke trimmer. This is a great trimmer and all my attachments from my old trimmer work on the Lehr. I have had numerous trimmers over the years and this is far and away the best quality trimmer I have had to date….The first noticeable and welcomed outcome is the noise level; it is very quiet; The second noticeable plus is virtually no exhaust odor or smoke; and I’m doing my part to keep our air clean…The angle of the cutting head is easy to turn from edging to trimming, and only takes a few seconds to switch from one function to the other…I can see no Cons for this great tool, and I can tell by the quality and the performance that this will be my last trimmer.
Dennis W., Oklahoma
And then, he said, “I don’t know how you want to say this, but the LEHR trimmer wasn’t smokey or smelly and it did not give me a headache, like the old one.” That was perfectly clear to me, so I’m reporting exactly what the user said.
Patsy B., Blogspot.com
“LEHR has done something brilliant with its new eco trimmer. By making the logical and bold switch to propane gas, LEHR is opening up numerous benefits to both the user and the earth. The LEHR Eco Trimmer is an awesome product that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance for the sake of the environment and will be the envy of all your neighbors.”
Adam Weinberg of AskMen.com
Thank you for taking time to call me out of concern for the problems I was having with your product. Several hours after I thought about it and how you seemed sincerely concerned about “just one customer,” I read the biography of your founder. Your company, all of you, have a mission to achieve. Do you know how rare that is in today’s work world? …I look forward to my next LEHR product purchase. Once again, thank you for contacting me personally.
Morris P.
My LEHR, my garden…I used my LEHR yesterday as a rotatiller before planting my vegetable garden. I was told that I could use my existing attachments from my ryobi and it is true, they work. I was able to til the earth and plant my garden without using any gasoline! How beautiful…So far I have been so happy with my LEHR trimmer. I was told about this tool back in October and I had to wait until February to purchase it, and it has been worth every penny of it. Thanks.
Jane R.
“I am happy to report that my new LEHR trimmer works great with the tiller attachment (Expand-It Tiller Attachment Model UT15550). Fantastic. Much more quiet, and much less smelly than my old 2 stroke engine. It seems to have plenty of power for tilling our vegetable garden and flower beds.”
Stephen P., Pennsylvania
“My recent purchase of your propane powered string trimmer is working out very well, both in terms of low exhaust emissions and efficiency as a trimmer…delighted not to have to mix gas and oil and refill a fuel tank, with the inevitable spillage that used to occur.”
Bryan P., Hawaii
“Captain Herzer… I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products to present to our customers, and your propane technology certainly fits the bill.”
J.R., Moscow, Idaho
“…I’m going to convert everybody to propane.”
D. D., Morgan, Utah
It’s great to see an American company lead the way with a great new technology!
M. L.
This is a great advancement, keep up the good work.
Great item. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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