Propane Powered Eco Blower

Propane-Powered Eco Blower
Eco Friendly
 – Zero evaporative emissions.
Easy Start
– No choke, No priming, No winterizing and No carburetor gum-up.
Economical – More cost-effective to use & maintain. 2 hours run time on one canister.
Powerful – Four stroke engine. 110 octane fuel.




Technical Specifications
Engine: 25cc 4-stroke
Max. Air Velocity: 150 mph
Max. Air Volume: 370 cfc
Fuel Type: Propane
RPM: 7,000
Dry Weight: 11.9lbs
Run Time: 2 hours on one 16.4 oz propane canister. Propane canister sold separately.

  • 3 Year Limited carburetor warranty
  • 2 Year Limited manufacturer’s warranty

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