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Onyx Environmental Solutions began it’s début into the world of propane powered machinery with their invention of the first “Low Polluting Propane Mower”.  After obtaining the US patent in the mid nineties, the Onyx team began their relentless pursuit to be the leader in the innovation and development of new applications for propane powered engines.  Onyx has partnered with multiple manufacturers of gasoline fueled machinery to successfully convert their gasoline engines to propane powered engines in the agriculture, construction, and floor care industries.

The Onyx team philosophy and mission is to be a company that consistently delivers superior quality and performance with every machine that is developed and manufactured in their North Carolina and Kansas production facilities. Onyx has earned a reputation known throughout the world, as being a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of equipment that is durable, reliable, productive, and can withstand the test of time.

The Onyx Environmental Solutions floor care division manufactures a complete line of propane powered floor burnishing, stripping and polishing equipment.  This division is led by the Hahne family and the management and floor care team members possess over 300 years of experience in the floor care industry.  Their collaborative approach to the innovation of new products and floor care solutions has propelled the company forward and their solid growth continues each year.  With new floor materials being used in the construction of new buildings and in the renovation of existing commercial real estate, the demand for new and innovative approaches to floor care maintenance has evolved.  Onyx has spent considerable time and resources to address this need, which has resulted in creating new, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient floor care maintenance solutions for the industry. Not only does Onyx offer the best quality in propane powered floor equipment, but also offers the best diamond impregnated floor pads and environmentally friendly chemicals.  With these turnkey solutions, Onyx remains dedicated to offering floor maintenance solutions that save the customer time and money.

Onyx continues to be the LEADER in the innovation of new propane fueled machinery for the construction and agriculture industry.  Their engineering expertise and knowledge of the unique technology required to convert gasoline or battery powered engines to propane is unsurpassed in the industry.  Onyx offers Engine Conversion kits, certified by the EPA, that enable multiple types of gasoline engines to be converted to propane fueled engines.  The Onyx team is committed to their goal of offering the technology and the expertise to successfully convert every gasoline powered engine less than 50 horsepower to propane.  Onyx is also a key member and vocal advocate for the Propane Education and Research Council of America and continues to put forth time and resources to promote the valuable use of propane for today’s industries and for the future.



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