ONYX Blue Sky Burnishers

ONYX Blue Sky Burnishers

Taking Emissions and Dust Control to a Whole New Level!


A low profile deck with patented bumper skirting makes it easy to burnish under counters and around obstructions. These “low torque” burnishers allows for greater maneuverability and reduce operator fatigue. The unique tilt back deck design allows for quick pad changes. Our high RPM burnishing speeds deliver superior wet look shine in significantly less time than conventional plug in electric machines. A 360° floating pad assembly assures full contact on uneven floors.


Our powerful Kawasaki 18 HP 603cc engine is built to run cleaner and optimally, extending engine life to twice that of other types of engines. G2 engine tuning has also allowed for even lower noise levels while increasing fuel economy. The EnviroGard emissions monitoring system and catalytic mufflers lower CO, HC and NOx emissions. Engine service intervals are significantly reduced, lowering maintenance cost. Our burnishers are CE, CARB and EPA certified.


The powerful engine is both EPA and CARB certified and features an emissions monitor that shuts down the engine if CO levels rise. Blue Sky G2™ burnishers meet GS-42 and LEED standards and exceed OSHA standards for indoor operation. A three-way catalytic muffler lowers CO, HC and NOx emissions.


Blue Sky’s dual-stage dust containment system utilizes a vacuum motor and patented dust control system and skirting to capture dust in a reusable microfilter bag. Our Blue Sky G2™ vacuum system captures up to 80% of dust particles, keeping your customer environments cleaner and reducing or eliminating the need for dust mopping.

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